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Not knowing it was Elton John

On the weekend while out for groceries; we stopped in at Metro to get the rest of our ingredients. When I stepped through the door I heard “true colors” by Cyndi Lauper, but being sung by a Man. This was an odd cover as I’m so used to the Lauper version. I listened closer as I sung/hum along while wandering the aisles.

It was Elton John!

Then Nikita came on; and I said out lout to myself, “Two elton john songs in a row? That’s odd” when “I’m still standing” came on I was sure they were playing a best of Elton John CD on the PA.

So when I got to the counter I said; why is there a best of Elton John CD on (True Colors was repeating now) she [ the cashier] looked up and me and then to the sky, cocking her head. “is that Elton John?”

Now, there had been three Elton John songs on by this point, four if you count the repeat. I guess working there the music just fades; but I think I would notice if the same artist played over and over, this was a middle aged lady, she grew up with Elton john music, how could you not catch it?


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