Did she say this BEFORE the Hunger Games; because I’m prettysure she was Pretty and Stupid in that one, also she appeared to be constantly shown a picture of her dead puppy from off camera…. thoughts?

The only reason I find this to be worth bringing up is because even my extraordinarily egalitarian boyfriend didn’t quite see my plight until I explained it. He commented a few times on how few “booth babes” there were, only counting the ones who posed in bikinis with men holding plastic swords in photographs, and thought it was a great sign of progress. Me? I found them way easier to deal with than their plain-clothes counterparts.


Third, Wiley and the dissent claim that a nongeographical interpretation will make it difficult, perhaps impossible, for publishers (and other copyright holders) to divide foreign and domestic markets. We concede that is so. A publisher may find it more difficult to charge different prices for the same book in different geographic markets. But we do not see how these facts help Wiley, for we can find no basic principle of copyright law that suggests that publishers are especially entitled to such rights.

BOOOM!!!! – http://yro.slashdot.org/story/13/03/19/154223/supreme-court-upholds-first-sale-doctrine