In her complaint – which also takes aim at Earls’ Albino Wings Wednesdays – Eros alleges the name demeans her and other albinos by deliberately evoking a sense of oddness about the condition, CBC News reports.

I look forward to the banning of all “chubby” and “pleasantly plump” or Fatty products….

Six years after the destruction of his original body, Emperor Palpatine emerged from the seclusion of Byss while the remnants of the former Empire were devastated in the ongoing Galactic Civil War, as well as the fighting amongst Imperials. When the Luke Skywalker infiltrated the Imperial Citadel, he was shocked to discover that his suspicions were correct—Emperor Palpatine had survived death itself, in a manner of speaking. Despite the fact that Skywalker was responsible for Darth Vader’s sacrificial act of redemption that led to Palpatine’s first death, the Emperor still desired to turn Skywalker into his new apprentice. After revealing the unpleasant experience of constantly dying and transferring his essence into a young clone version of himself, Palpatine once more offered Skywalker a place at his side. Skywalker, like his father before him, agreed to serve the clone Emperor, believing that the only way to truly defeat Palpatine was by using the dark side against him.[35]

Probable plot for at least one of the next few ‘Wars movies