Site upgrades: SSL

I’m in the midst of moving the site over to SSL/HTTPS for administration purposes at least.  Which means changing my backend security and so on; which proved to be a bear where graphics where relative rather than direct links.  Ah well.  It’s working now.  The Upgrade is working too!  I have a valid SSL cert (I think) and it appears to be working.

All these things and a Dog named Robert

Backyard Mornings

Living in London has been rewarding for me; especially having my own house with my own yard and trees.  While I’m not outdoors-oriented in any way, I do enjoy my yard.  I enjoy it in the way a gentleman does, someone else picks up the poo, my mailbox is monitored by my household staff and my guard dog “Bob” keeps out the racoons.

At least I would if I had grounds, staff or a dog named bob.

Instead I get to sit in my house or yard; watch the bluejays and the cardinals in spring, fireflies in summer and chickadees in winter.

It’s not a bad life; to have a nice house in London.