Why we care: Because unlike a few of his peers, Ben Still does not dip back into the well and regurgitate his previous materials for the sake of a quick paycheck. Fans of Zoolander have been begging for an opportunity to wade back into the shallow pool that is Derek’s fashionista world. The runway opens in February, and I’m thinking that Stiller brought the characters back because he had a worthy idea. Am I giving him too much credit? We shall see.

What the Fockers!?!?!? Is this a Night at the Museum?

I HATE this politically-correctness limitation of “no killing children on-screen”

What I hear when people complain about things being poltically correct “I can’t act like an asshole, this is political correctness gone mad”

Later, Trump was repeatedly asked to explain the difference between requiring Muslims to enter their information into a database and making Jewish people register in Nazi Germany. He responded four times by saying, “You tell me.”

Trump may also think that people who don’t agree with him should have to have a special green box on their license