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Day: April 14, 2023

Children of Humanity

After 10,000 years, the Anchorite was forced to leave the keep for the first time. They strode from the floor of the Tower, mostly fallen. A Siege from outside of the atmosphere led to the fall of every traditional and esoteric defense, not a siege screen remained between the Tower and the rest of the Universe; and the Anchorite was forced to take matters into their own hands.

With a wave of their hands, 10,000 years of ghosts rose around them, spreading like angry smoke with purpose. Their personal guard stood in their shadow, weapons of an age forgotten at the ready to dispose of anything that came within their sight. They two stood in the ruin of a fort that had stood longer than any being had lived. A last bastion on a planet left behind by history when Humankind left the Sol system to join a Galaxy and Universe beyond.

The Anchorites took up the task of “being humanity” on an empty planet left to itself in a corner of the Galaxy that was forgotten by its children. The distances between Earth and the rest of Humanity meant that at random periods Humans who had never heard of Earth and no longer spoke with languages that even resembled earth languages or speech at all would come across “a perfect world” for humans and learn that Earth was no longer “For” humanity.

Now, after a siege that came from points outside of the solar system, the last of Humanity faces destruction at the hands of children who have forgotten that this was their home.

Bright Nights, Light City

People don’t even remember when it stopped being night time. It’s been so long since it’s been Dark Outside that people have forgotten what it was like to go outside and not have it be so bright.

The had to turn up all the lights in the city to make them stand out, because when you look up in the sky now it’s just white, white, white endless white like the whole world is inside a big white empty.

Scientists were brought on TV to explain what was going on, but they all kind of have nothing to say and the astronomers all gave up trying. They say that even radio scopes can’t see as far as the moon anymore, but we still have tides and so on so they think the moon is still there.

There’s no night anymore, so animals that need that day/night cycle started dying off, but a lot of the animals adapted, which is great to hear. The lack of night caused crime to really change, only the most bold or violent criminals are operating outside anymore. The Cameras that cops demanded are REALLY effective now, because they always have full light.

That’s the other thing, while it’s nice that it’s light out, it hasn’t rained in forever, but we’re not in a drought. The phrase “Closed System” has been tossed around on the Internet recently.

It’s been forever.