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You Can Have it

You Can have your Daisy Connection!
Live it all you want. It’s not as if it will end you.
For it is not as much as that, not that price you pay, for all you say. Is not as much as that.
Never so dear, as far or near; still finding chance today.

Now go for, forevermore and speak to me, but never more, it is that bus, it leaves for you and drives you to Nod.

Sleep on, sleep on and find your rest. I’ll not destroy repose. But do not forget, as you sleep, a daisy is not a rose.

Carbon Copy of a Smile

This was the one thing that had to come down,
The edifice of a warm regard.
The attractive lie that was held in those smiles, those
Just as it was the last time I saw you.
Warm eyes, Warm Smile.
Cold everything else.
Just drop it, I don’t need it.
Just give me my coffee.

Useful German phrases for Lovecraftian Lor

E: What is this? Are you a Squid?
G: Was ist dieses? Sind Sie ein Kalmar?

I am losing my mind. Are you very fond of that arm?
Ich verliere meinen Verstand. Sind Sie in diesen Arm sehr vernarrt?

What is that thing under the stairs?
Was ist diese Sache unter der Treppe?

This is not reality!
Dieses ist nicht Wirklichkeit!

Kindly remove me from this large enclosed bowl, for I am not amphibious!
Entfernen Sie mich bitte von dieser großen beiliegenden Schüssel, denn ich bin nicht amphibisch!

Have you met my fried c’thulu? He is truly a fine old fellow!
Haben Sie mein gebratenes c’thulu getroffen? Er ist wirklich ein feiner alter Gefährte!

Helpful Phrases for Hentai in German

“I’m sorry, but is that your tentacle in my underwear?”

Ich traurig, aber sind sind dieses tentacle in meiner Unterwäsche?

Please remove your giant penis like tounge from my room, it is quite disturbing!

Entfernen Sie bitte Ihren riesigen Penis wie tounge von meinem Raum, es stört durchaus!

I am smitten by your prowess with that sword, make love to me!

Ich smitten durch Ihre Fähigkeit mit dieser Klinge, bilde mir Liebe!

Are you a lesbian?

Sind Sie ein Lesbier?

Is that the famous former english prime minister Margret Thatcher?

Ist der der berühmte ehemalige englische Premierminister Margret Thatcher?

I've written a script or two

Laugh if you want. no, go ahead.

I’ve written a small shooting script or two in the past. I’ve always wanted to shoot a real low-budget flick. The whole shebang, actors, lights locations sets, music and all the rest of it. I’ve toyed with it so much I’ve went as far as trying to rope in performers and technical folks. This is how far it usually goes though…

Me: So you wanna make this flick then?
Co-Conspiritor: I was interested, but now I’m going to look at this shiny thing over here.

See what I mean?

Anyway, since I started actually paying attention to how movies are made, and less to just the stories, I actually started noticing how they are composed and portrayed. Commentary tracks on DVDs help out LOTS. Two movies stand out as really making art of their shots (in my opinion) and they might surprise some

Number One is PI: Here is a movie that blends the music to the mood to the action. The Camera is both OUR eye and the Eye inside the mind of the character. It was so compelling.

Number Two is 187: This is a “good teacher gets revenge on bad kids” story. Watch the camera work and sound on this, it is momentous.

Wholly TrueType Fontage!

This post is mostly being created to test the new dynamically created “lookalike” handwriting function that I’ve put into production here on the front page. I’m planning to go ahead and make this pull a ready-made png file from the hard drive rather than make it on the fly from here on, but…for now it creates this box on the fly.

I think I may have to make a “text only” version of this available as a link at the bottom of the page, but not yet.


I’ve made the change, the front page now loads the text as a static png file, instead of a dynamic file… ain’t technology grand?

now you can click on the button below to view this as text…. so if I post a URL you ar enot without access, Now, I’ll have to get busy on the rest of the colors and sections….

Kool Eh?

Finally Finished

I’ve worked most of the day at this, and finally managed to get the dynamic graphics and text to work!

Soon, I hope to fix the layouts for the rest of the site….