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Mean Spritited Post

Sometimes, I don’t get the immediate feedback that tells me that I am simply blowing smoke out of my ass. However, I can often hear the words coming out of my mouth and realize, “hey, I’m talking a load of crap here!” Some people would do well to learn this skill.

re: normalbobsmith shutdown

I’m reprinting this letter by a friend of mine to the laptop lobbyists (more on them later):

Click Here for news from normalbobsmith or Here for some discussion on the matter

Date: Wed Mar 31, 2004 8:35 pm
Subject: My letter to Laptop Lobbyist
Dear Mr. Carmouche:

I would like to express my thanks for your efforts to shut down

Like ‘Gerry,’ who was so offended by jesusdressup that he just had to get it on television; you too have done your bit to spread the word to a far greater and ever widening audience. Public awareness of what was once an obscure cult website is now, due to your diligence, at least an order of magnitude [look it up] greater than it was.

All this at no expense to Bob! Isn’t that special?

This is called “irony” and “unintended consequences.”

Why am I not surprised that while you proclaim to be defending American values on behalf of others – at $20.00 a pop – you are eager to silence the free speech of someone with whom you disagree and who gives you offence?

You are offended by jesusdressup? So what? Like sleaze television, you can always change the channel. Do you feel that somehow you have a divine and legal right to go through life without being offended?

Parts of your own web site are deeply offensive. You seem to represent, and pander to, the worst possible instincts of the mob – fear, prejudice, ignorance and bigotry. Even more despicably, you give every appearance of doing it for the money. This puts you and the sleaziest televangelists (I do not name Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy Fae Baker and their ilk) on an equal footing.

NormalBobSmith, at least, is completely un-hypocritical about his motivations. He wants to have fun, make money and avoid manual labour. That he is using the Christian religion to do so is unremarkable and traditional. Ask any divinity student or alter boy.

However much you are repelled by the concept, the American value of the Right to Free Speech applies to us all, not just those you deem worthy and sufficiently inoffensive.

We’re not talking about child pornography or shouting “FIRE!” in a theatre. This is more along the line of “The Emperor has no clothes.”

This is, so I am assured, a free country, and you are entitled to believe whatever you wish, however imaginative.

To paraphrase Diderot, none should rest until the last Priest is strangled in the entrails of the last Mullah.

Yours Sincerely,

More on the Laptop Lobbyists

This seems to be yet another conservative values group that allows conservative fatheads to pay for a multitude of faxes/letters to be sent to parties that offend them, all through paypal. Sad sacks of crap that these folks are they seem to get results. Damn them to hell.

Here are some of their past works:

  • They attack “Bad Santa
  • Roe Vs Wade, more like Reason version Lunacy

    After a long slog through the net I could only find stories related to normalbobsmith and “Bad Santa” These people are not only lazy, but inneffective, good for them.

    It’s about time we had fun at their expense, spammers please harvest this email address

    Folks, please change your publicly displayed email address on EVERY public forum you are part of to “somehting”

    I imagine that the current round of spam/worm folks will have that info harvested and used as a fake from/to address in a matter of 10-20 hours.

  • Kicked in the butt by Bran

    MMMMmm a blog entry about scatology, how appatizing on a Wednesday morning!

    Anyway, the real topic of this post is not all things crap related, but it is somewhat crappy in nature.

    I’ve been here in the United States for over two years now. Freaky. It’s been two years since I actually lived in a proper country, with real values and an actual social system. The system of government here is laughable and the people themselves, the majority it seems, are so self-involved they may never actually stop this non-stop downward spiral. Look, I enjoy money and spending more than most, I’m sure. However, I’m more than happy to pay my share in taxes and user fees to keep my life comfortable, however, after long debates both live and on the net I have to imagine that Many americans want eveything that the Government provides to somehow be free. As if the people behind it don’t need to be paid. These same people applaud when the government allows a service to be privatized, which inevitably drives up the cost of running said service, and therefore even more money comes out of their own pocket, then they complain. They want user fees, but complain when a politician wants a gas tax to pay for road upkeep, etc. These people are insane, with few exceptions.

    There is no middle of the road here.

    There is no real centerist movement.

    There is only kind left or kinda right and really left or really right.

    The really left are instane.

    The really right want to eat your baby.

    scary stuff, no?

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    It's all about common sense

    Rant: #001
    From: David (

    While I don’t believe people should have been ruined by renting The Last Temptation of Christ from their video stores, they should have known better. It was no surprize that this film offended every american. All they had to do was to remove the movie from their stores. They didn’t and they suffered the consequences. The next time, maybe people will think twice about what movies they put in their stores. This isn’t a question about censorship, it’s a question about common sense.

    Dammit. Why do people show how ignorant they are? “They should have known better” , “All they had to do was remove the movie” , “This isn’t … about censorship”

    People like David here are just a bruise on the face of the world.

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    Actual Customer Feedback

    Anonymous feedback given to me today:
    I am disturbed to see that once again Mr. Wardrop is displaying the following status message on Yahoo messenger account:

    “SR#, notes, cash?”

    Mr. Wardrop’s abrasive, elitist attitude already makes him undesirable to work with. The (albeit humorous) insinuation that he should be reimbursed for having to actually do some work (something one rarely witnesses), in addition to being a grade 8 (he loves to remind us of his grade 8-ness), is extremely offensive.
    Italics added by me

    You know, anonymous feedback delivered the way this was is the same as giving feedback on a website. There is little one can do to cite the source. I have to question the whole statement, they seem to be offended that I am better than them and being reminded that I am better than them hurts them. Let me say it again, I AM better than you. Since when I have a problem with someone, I make it plain and tell THEM, not leave typewritten notes in mailboxes. I have to assume it was one of my direct co-workers, who would be the most likely to remember my near constant missives about how I am the King of the world. Yes, I am an obnoxious classist. I feel that I am smarter and more talented that a large portion of the population, in fact, I have been scientifically proven to be more intelligent that 70% of the population. That means that statistically speaking, there are 4,200,000,000 on the planet today that I am smarter than. That makes me proud. It should make you proud that you get to deal with someone who is so talented when you need help! Jared is smarter still, he is smarter than 5,000,000,000 people, can you imagine. If we instituted a purge based on intelligence, 5,000,000,000 people would die before Jared. The marked difference between Jared and I is that I want you to know how smart and special I am, and Jared wants desperately to be left alone.

    So, my cowardly foil, I say put up or shut up, Come on down and tell me, or anyone else for that matter, how you feel or just seethe. I’m betting you’ll just seethe.

    P.S.: So that you have something else to write about. I have a big head and an ego to go with it. Also, I recommend making fun of my weight and any grammar errors you find in this little missive.

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    Update:  I bet they didn’t bring an SR# either!

    Madeline Albright can Win you over

    I had the opportunity to watch Madeleine Albright’s testimony before the 9/11 commision yesterday, on TV that is. Besides the eloquence and poise she displayed and the reams of informaiton provided, she also took the time to admonish the current administration. She did so in the form of flattering attacks, “the president is under al ot of stress…making the US unpopular” etc…

    It was fun, no wonder she was able to make so many friends around the world.

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    The Dance of Death that is the Eugene Downtown Bus Station

    I lived for a number of years in Toronto, and from 1997-2002 I rode the busses and subways there pretty much exclusively, having given my car to my Sister as a wedding present.

    The Bus stations in Toronto are laid out so that you never have to cross in front of a bus in order to reach it. Unless you take stupid risks on your own decision. This is not so in Eugene. You HAVE to cross in front of busses to get almost anywhere in the Eugene station, which is almost a guarantee that you will have to seriously watch out for one of the road behemoths as you cross the station. Add to this the fact that you have to cross from between the busses and you get the idea that the makers of this system didn’t design it with the riders in mind. Silly Hippies.

    Tech Support Woes

    There are many unfortunates out there who have been “cutting the ends of the brisket off”1 for so long that they never asked why.

    1 This refers to an old story where a new bride asks why her husband always cut the ends off brisket before cooking. The husband says that his family has always done it this way. Eventually the bride asks her mother in law why, and her mother-in-law says that her mother always did it that way, so she kept up the tradition. So, the confused young bride goes to the hospital bed of her Grandma-in-law and asks, Grandma, why do you cut the ends off of the brisket? To which the Grandma replies, ”The pan was always a little too small”

    Lack of Writers forces Webmaster to Speak

    After a long, long long delay in posting my next daring missive I’ve returned to put down my latest words on digital paper. As some of you may or may not know the Real World does exist and is not a fairy tale created by llamas who want to stop playing CounterStrike.

    Sadly the real world (and not just the one one MTV) has rules, and one of those is that the ethereal world that is the Internet is fueled not just by fark and slashdot, but by money too. So, I, the webmaster, need to focus on my job as well as my website. Sad isn’t it?

    And so I present, the Top Ten Reasons why webmasters neglect their Websites:

    10. Pure Laziness, too busy stuffing our mouths with Mountain Dew and Cheetos!

    9. Three Words, Never Winter Nights (I know it is normally two words)

    8. Beer, and its buddy Liquor.

    7. See number 8 and Repeat.

    6. Locked up in a Tape Closet.

    5. Stupid IE 6 Security Patches!!!

    4. The Terrorists stole my keyboard. Or was it Swiper the Fox?

    3. Innumerable showings of Star Wars Episode 2 or Spiderman, pick your poison.

    2. That last peice of news about Natalie Portman, you know the one.

    1. Grand Theft Auto 3.

    Hilary Rosen Sez

    “For the first time ever, our end-of-the-year survey of heavy music buyers showed that 23 percent of our heaviest buyers actually said that they bought less music because they were able to get what they wanted for free,” said Hilary Rosen, chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, which has led the legal fight against Napster and other file-sharing services. quoted from this article at

    While it is just a quote in the middle of an “are the lables, no they are not sir” article; this quote is the kind of comment we can expect form someone who is fiercely fighting to keep a fat bottom line.

    As the file sharing revolution continues its perceived assault on the RIAAs chattel, I mean artists, we can expect for and more of this propaganda, I’m sure.