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The Hits Keep on Coming

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Brooks Bayne Let’s it all hang out.  Seriously, if anyone still clings to the idea that the Republican Party ISN’T fast becoming the party of no-hope dead-end racists, I give you Brooks Bayne, who thinks this stuff is clever.  Send him your love on the twitter

NOTE: Mr. Bayne has commented on his own post that he is not a Republican himself; and was using his forum to express what he thinks the sentiment of the Republican Party proper would be in this instance.   In this case, Mr. Bayne was using sarcasm to express the public and private sentiments of a segment of the Republican Party.  I apologize for using this as an example of Mr. Bayne’s own beliefs.  Instead, I point you to another Article about yet another post that is among many espousing Mr. Bayne’s Conservative point of view.