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It's Commander Rick!

Some judicious Google video searches led me to some Prisoners of Gravity episodes online:

For the uninitiated, the young, the vain or the American; Prisoners of Gravity was THE genre fiction discussion program from the 80s to early 90s (it followed me through High School guaranteeing that I would never be “cool” at my rural high school). If you were a fan of any kind of Genre ficiton of any sort, with comics and sci-fi as a preference then Prisoners of Gravity was your mecca. I remember being excited when Commander Rick would interview the Cyberpunk luminaries like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling (The Difference Engine) and authors like Alan Moore (Judge Dredd) or Neil Gaiman (Black Lotus).

I strongly encourage you (if you are a fan) to check out “Prisoners of Gravity” online at google video and enjoy what us kids in the know (and not americans) were able to enjoy way back when.

I know those were their less famous works, which is why I chose them.

I am the Red Hulk

Okay, I admit it; I am the Red Hulk!
I have been the Red Hulk for only a short while though! I’m still getting used to the Transformations and Red Eyes thing; when I get some Gamma Strength Visene I should be fine!

Have you been following the new Hulk Story? First he was “The Worldbreaker” then “The Warbound” now there is a new Hulk (who is apparently evil and angry) rolling around killing off Hulk’s enemies (and making Rick Jones into A-Bomb (a new Abomination).

The Red Hulk reads like an Evil Mr. Fixit or “All together Hulk” from the Pantheon story lines.

World War Hulk was a fair capper to the Civil War story that was “kind of Excellent” and “kind of Pointless”. But since Marvel hasn’t already retconned said “it was all a dream, lol” the whole thing yet; I think we can assume that at some point in the near future we will find out that Iron Man/Captain America was a Skrull the whole time and that we’re close to a big reveal.

At least it was more satisfying than the end of “Final Crisis” what a hullabaloo to kill off a bunch of Off-Earth second-string Characters. Even Darkseid was kind of a “far off menace” monster.

So, yeah, Red Hulk. IYAMREDHULK!

no I’m not, seriously

Final Crisis is kind of Meh

The final issue of “Countdown to Final Crisis” finally comes out and it’s so bland and non-final it just wastes all of the momentum established in the preceding 51 issues.

I’m not sure I’ll even pick up the trades of this one; I’m that disappointed. I enjoy these big events, I’m a big fan of the far-reaching ones (even when they involve retcons) but “One More Day / Brand New Day” and “Final Crisis” seem to be the biggest non-events in Comics history. Not quite “Clone Saga” bad, but fairly close.

There be spoilers below here
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Is Superman a Republicain

I found myself wondering about how different Super Hero types would vote in an Election (given that the Majority are Americans I’ll keep my observations to the American versions, but if you like Substitute Republican with Tory or Nationalist where appropriate and Democrats with Liberals or Labour where necessary)

Superman: While the big blue cheese is certainly a symbol of Americana, it is likely that a great deal of his corniness comes from a slanted world view. He grew up in Kansas, and despite what the SMALLVILLE folks may be passing off to us, was brought up in a household where Momma did all the housework and Poppa brought home the bacon. While this type of down home upbringing, paired with incredible powers, have produced an Apple pie loving American boy, it seems to have produced a very weak facade along with it, cracked every so often when placed under stress. His Kansas-born values, along with his consistent knee bending to the “American Way” leads me to believe that Superman would be a Republican, perhaps a socially moderate one.


During the “Legends” storyline, Superman was portrayed as toeing the line, simply obeying without question. Later he would be portrayed as a tool of the Government, as in the “Dark Knight Strikes Back.”

Verdict: Republican

Dear Marvel Universe

All is forgiven!

I’ve griped about the Ultimate Universe, I was wrong. You were right and I am here, crawling on my knees looking to come back to our two bedroom apartment.

I’m even willing to let you have the big room, but only if you keep up the “X” series a little longer, something to put to rest the old Marvel universe.

If you keep up the quality of at least the Ultimate X-Men I promise to eat all my greens and cheer loudly whenever the Marvel Logo appears on any screen within my field of view.

BTW, Affleck was the bomb in Daredevil and Phantoms YO!!

When will the Dark Knight Strike Again?

I’m a comics fan (No Duh).

I’ve been a comics fan since I was able to read, and have a collection to show it. I’m not one of those guys who puts them in bags then puts them away forever. I keep my comics nearby and in easy to access boxes and containers so I can read them. I read my comics all the time, addict fashion. Usually I get my fix from buying large volumes of comics in bulk at cheap prices. Since moving to the states I’ve had to buy my comics in spurts, with no real hope of bulk discounts.

Sadly, I’ve been thrashing my fists against the amazon.com order status screen for months now as I wait for my copy of “The Dark Knight Stikes Again.” When I asked, rhetorically “where the heck is my copy!?!?!” a friend replied:

“lol! still being written, that’s where it is.”

Mr. Miller, are you still working on this, the last two issues have been excellent, so I can only hope this latest installment that is so very late is also as high caliber. Perhaps it is not. At this point I’d be happy with a two pager that opens with Supergirl wiping the moon with Brainiac and then smacking the crap out of Lex Luthor. Please Mr. Miller, get this next issue out soon!