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So Sweaty…

Helped move PCs Yo

Left iPod in my pocket

Now iPod is broke

How nice, a haiku to my broken iPod.

It’s hot and sticky outside, I am trying to resist the temptation to complain about it, even though I had to work outside in it and get so sweaty that I think I may have developed trench foot from sock sweat. There are Germans from World War I who had drier socks than I have now.

The plant was worse; humid, sticky and smelly to boot.

We moved a ton of computers then cling-wrapped them using a big industrial roll of cling wrap that we had to carry around and so on by hand.

I better be losing weight doing all this stuff, I can certainly feel the burn in my muscles at the end of the day and I haven’t given up on salads instead of fries at lunch and so on. In fact, I’ve been eating fruit in favor of snacks during the day too.