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First Heat Advisory of the Year


Environment Canada has issued a humidex advisory for tomorrow with readings expected to be near 40 degrees Celsius.
The advisory stretches from Windsor to Barrie and Orillia and includes Toronto and all of the 905.
A pronounced warm front will cross southern Ontario tonight and introduce the first heat wave of the season.
In fact several days of heat and humidity are in store for the southern portions of the province.

It’s already fairly hot in here, it must suck outside. Yesterday was terrible for me (I had on a heavy undershirt), I’m gonna go undershirt-less today I think.

So Sweaty…

Helped move PCs Yo

Left iPod in my pocket

Now iPod is broke

How nice, a haiku to my broken iPod.

It’s hot and sticky outside, I am trying to resist the temptation to complain about it, even though I had to work outside in it and get so sweaty that I think I may have developed trench foot from sock sweat. There are Germans from World War I who had drier socks than I have now.

The plant was worse; humid, sticky and smelly to boot.

We moved a ton of computers then cling-wrapped them using a big industrial roll of cling wrap that we had to carry around and so on by hand.

I better be losing weight doing all this stuff, I can certainly feel the burn in my muscles at the end of the day and I haven’t given up on salads instead of fries at lunch and so on. In fact, I’ve been eating fruit in favor of snacks during the day too.