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Why won't Jim Prentice let the Market solve his problems?

You have to listen to this — in it, the Minister lies, dodges, weaves and ducks around plain, simple questions like, “If the guy at my corner shop unlocks my phone, is he breaking the law?” and “If my grandfather breaks the DRM on his jazz CDs to put them on his iPod, does that break the law?” and the biggie, “All the ‘freedoms’ your law guarantees us can be overriden by DRM, right?” (Prentice’s answer to this last one, “The market will take care of it,” is absolutely priceless.)

Boing Boing‘s Cory Doctorow

“We have a well advanced Internet system in this country. It is not publicly regulated,” he said.

–Jim Prentice on isp throttling

“The issue is declining consumption in the U.S.,” he said, adding that “90 percent” of cars built in Canada are sold in the U.S. Prentice told reporters in Ottawa later that he plans to make sure the company honors its “obligations” to the government of Canada, without elaborating.

–Jim Prentice on GM Closures

Prentice maintains that the bill is a “unique made-in-Canada approach to copyright reform” and said it balances the rights of creators and consumers.
Industry groups have welcomed the proposed legislation.

–Jim Prentice’s frequent quote about Bill c-61

So, Jim prentice would have you believe that the Markets will resolve an issue if the problem hurts the actual voters and consumers (ie DRM or ISP throttling) but is more than willing to legislate solutions on behalf of producers and distributors?  We know who is buttering his toast each morning, don’t we?

Mr. Angus, won’t you please use Mr. Prentice’s own words against him in the Parliment, why won’t Jim Prentice let the market sort out the copyright debate?

I think that would make a great meme “Why won’t Jim Prentice let the Market solve the Copyright problem”?