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I didn’t expect this in the mail today

Last Night

Last night we had the strangest little visitor, a cat!

When we were standing in the living room, deciding on a movie to watch in bed we heard a noise outside.  It sounded like kodos had snuck out again, but I was sure he was inside.  NiteGirl peeked out the door and in ran a little black and grey kitten.  He (we checkd later) ran right in and used Kodos’ litter box.

Kodos was NOT pleased that there was another cat in the house; so he hissed, spat and pouted for the rest of the night.  NiteGirl tried to find it’s owners, but we settled on letting it sleep in our garage (in a nice warm cat carrier) with food and water.

Apparently, when NiteGirl went to check on it this morning, it took off into the street.  See ya kitten.