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You liked it when it was in Die Hard IV

YouTube – Flyleaf – “I’m So Sick”

Oh so many days have gone…

It’s not so much that I bore easily, it’s just that when I finish reading whatever and I’m sure that I’ve accomplished my projects for the day, I just can’t stay away from the the old blog poster tool. I don’t even know what I’m gonna write most times. It’s kind of an exercise to practice my touch typing, as it is poor.


That all said, Jen and I are both working our way through the vocal solo tours on Rock Band (Me on Medium, Jen on Easy). Careful readers or longtime readers will know that Jen is some kind of mutant “sing-along” game player where she can just hum along and rock the socks off of these games, which makes her choice to play on easy somewhat perplexing. I think she’s just trying to score easy achievement points.

Yes, I have added a bunch of DLC to the game (Nine Inch Nails, Punk content and some alternative stuff). As I write this Jen is singing “Buddy Holly”.

Which leads into why the song appears at the top of this post; I kept hearing this song and was even aware of FlyLeaf (I’m fairly certain it appears in my iTunes collections) but could not place the song when Jen was singing it a while ago. Now I do; it was on the screen when Justin “Jeepers Creepers” Long was typing away on his Movie OS terminal before Bruce Willis came knocking in Die Hard 4 (Now with more smirking death).

My Dad said he dug on this when he saw the movie.

Oh well.

Speaking of ol’ Dad. We watched the new Billy Connolly “Was it something I said” stand up act this weekend, I’ve watched it a couple times at this point. I’m not a big fan of the majority of it as it was borne of “Look at the trappings of my wealth and listen to me bemoan them and aren’t men and women different?” I enjoyed a bit of the religious commentary and the parts about door theft; but I think Billy has pulled a bit far from his roots and forgotten what makes him so funny – the common touch.

Then there was one more thing this weekend:

What silly notion led the Bishop to use a man who was wealthy all his life and died young after NOT fighting against the Germans in World War One as an example of a “Good Catholic”

It seems to me that any Saint that was wealthy all their life should have their Sainthood revoked on principal as they never actually forsook their material wealth.

That’s just me.

Oh; and the reward for being a “Good Catholic” — Death at 24 and posthumous rewards.

I’d rather be a good person in this life and live a long life surrounded by those who benefited from my good works (even if they didn’t know I did it).

That’s just me.

Today's Top 5

Books, movies, music; what’s in your top 5 right now?


  1. Monster Island
  2. Monster Planet
  3. Autumn
  4. Autumn: The City
  5. Starship Troopers


  1. 28 Days Later
  2. Formula 51
  3. Garden State
  4. Return of the Jedi
  5. Rules of Attraction


  1. Something I can Never Have – Nine Inch Nails [ Pretty Hate Machine ]
  2. Faith – “The Boy Least Likely to”
  3. Metal – Nine Inch Nails
  4. Bay Bronx Bridge (Bhongra Mix) – Masters of Illusion
  5. Apparitions – Matthew good Band

This Week's Top 25

What are your top 25 most played songs?
Submitted by Cooxie.

  1. Faith “The Boy Least Likely to”
  2. Crazy “Gnarls Barkley”
  3. BattleFlag “Lo-Fidelity Allstars”
  4. It’s No Good “Depeche Mode”
  5. Infinity “Guru Josh”
  6. I’m Not Okay “My Chemical Romance”
  7. Last Train to Trancentral “The KLF”
  8. Supermassive Black Home “Muse”
  9. I Ran “Flock of Seagulls”
  10. Don’t You Want Me? “Felix”
  11. Lotion “Greenskeepers”
  12. Something I can Never Have “Nine Inch Nails”
  13. Dead Souls “Nine Inch Nails”
  14. Otherside “Red Hot Chili Peppers”
  15. If you want Blood, You got it! “AC/DC”
  16. Killer “Adamski”
  17. Midnight Rider “The Allman Brothers”
  18. Don’t Panic “ColdPlay”
  19. Strict Machine “Goldfrapp”
  20. Enter Sandman “Metallica”
  21. Building a Mystery “Sarah McLachlin”
  22. Are You Gonna Be My Girl “Jet”
  23. Cold Hard Bitch “Jet”
  24. She’s Lost Control “Joy Division”
  25. Numb “Linkin Park”

Strike up the Band

Do you play any musical instruments?

I have played:

  • A Baritone
  • A Drum
  • An Accoustic Guitar
  • An Electric Guitar
  • A Trumpet
  • A Piano
  • An Electronic Keyboard/Midi Controller

I’m Actually Trying to Lean

  • The Electric Guitar
  • An Electronic Keyboard/Midi Controller

I have produced a number of musical compositions on my various computers (Mods/S3m) Actual songs in Mp3 and Wav format.  My “best” work is lost to me as the tape that contained the only recordings of them was leant out and lost, it had some great songs as “The Killer Grass” and “I don’t wanna” all of which were based around samples of real phone conversations.


[song removed for now]

Here is a song I perfomed ages ago on (what I think) was a Cyrix 486 computer… or a P133 class one.  I forget if I made it before I got my first P2/p3 machine.  It was encoded on my p2/p3 machine.

I’d say enjoy, but I think in this case “tolerate” would be better.

I’m writing this while I listen to a cover of the Dr. Who theme I made in 2003, I love this a great deal more.

Coming up on iTunes

The Guardian Gave me an Idea

The Guardian gave me an idea, they played some classic rock for some under 8s and asked them what they thought, here are some choice quotes:

“Substitue” – The Who

  • Beth Ugh. I was born with Plasticine in my mouth?
  • Holly It sounds like when your wee goes back up.
  • My own Daughter: This makes me feel bad

    “Touch Me” – The Doors

  • Gabrielle It’s too pointy.
    i don’t have this one on hand, so I can’t tell you how My Own liked it

    “Sunshine of your Love” – Cream

  • Gabrielle Argh! Vampires!
    i don’t have this one on hand, so I can’t tell you how My Own liked it

    “Immigrant song” – Led Zepplin

  • Holly This isn’t singing, it’s just screaming.
    Beth It’s kind of eeeevol. I’m going to watch Lord Of The Rings Three next week.
    Holly No you’re not.
    Beth Am.
    Holly Not.
  • My own Daughter:I like it Dances a bit

    “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana

  • Sophie It’s making me think about doing bad things like putting snowballs down my sister’s back.
  • My own Daughter: this makes me feel Mad. This is a boy song.

    “Crosstown Traffic” – Jimi Hendrix

  • Gabrielle It’s making me feel all dizzy. Can I have some juice?

    Read the rest of the Article for more fun!

    Here are a few of my own, with my Daughter’s quotes:

    “How Soon is Now?” – the Smiths
    I like it, it makes me smile

    “Blue Monday” – New Order
    This is nice, I like this.

    “Pump up the Volume” – m/a/r/r/s
    This is cool

    “Behind Blue eyes” – Limp Bizkut
    “This makes me scared”