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In Case you missed it

“Asking George W. Bush to accept responsibility for anything is like asking my cat to fetch. Sure, it’s theoretically possible, but any such behavior would stem from motivations unrelated to the asker’s purpose.”

My Cat, Spencer, Loves to play fetch. Thinks it’s the bees knees and plays until I get bored and hide the toy, he’ll run away after it, bring it close but not to me and make me get up and retrieve it. Which is exactly like getting a Bush to admit they are wrong, sure, they will admit they don’t know the first thing about Scanning Bar Codes at stores or running a profitable company, but when it comes to brass tacks, they will leave you hunting down the object of the game and when cornered alternatively hiss at you, scratch you or piss on your bed clothes.

That was a terrible night in Texas; which I and Ted Nugent will not soon forget.

Bob Dylan is no source for legal argument

“The correct rule on the necessity of expert testimony has been summarized by Bob Dylan: ‘You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,’ â€ a California appeals court wrote in 1981, citing “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Eighteen other decisions have cited that lyric.

The Chief Justice, Dylan and the Disappearing Double Negative

While one may not need a weatherman (who may or may not be a meteorologist) one should in fact consult an expert in legal matters, just in case the apparent truth of the breeze may simply be the eye of a much larger storm.

This is all about this quote:

“The absence of any right to the substantive recovery means that respondents cannot benefit from the judgment they seek and thus lack Article III standing,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote. “ â€˜When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.’ Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone, on Highway 61 Revisited (Columbia Records 1965).”

I suspect when a Chief Justice bowdlerizes a quote from an old hippy I should think back to the fact that Ann Coulter is apparently a Deadhead and take heart that there was always a good reason to dislike the old hippies.  The most prominent fact being that the children of hippies tended to end up as Conservative Douchebags (albeit successful and wealthy douchebags).