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Doing a bit of cleaning up on the blog

After a bit of blog drama this weekend I think I’m gonna find some blog religion and take down posts that slam individuals, especially in light of the seo work that keeps a post about me up there in the results to this day.  So, if you find a post up here that directly offends you (and mentions you by name) please go ahead and comment on this post with a link to the offending post and I’ll pull it on down.  Thanks!

Hotlink protection added

I’ve had a couple of bandwidth losing moments this week; and rather than worry about it I’ve moved to prevent hotlinking of images from from my blog.  The only sites that are allowed to hotlink images from here are  my other blog, the rest of the world will see an anti-hotlinking image in place of the image they have hotlinked.

Oh well.  It’s not friendly but I’d rather have more control as to where the images I host locally are presented.

Busy Days, Sleepy Evenings

Sleeping Cats

Sleepy Cats – By NiteMayr

I started a new Job last week and am finding the transition to a work day that is mostly full to be exciting especially after the past few weeks of fairly empty days.  As a result my evenings feel kind of unfulfilled as I don’t get anything done (save cooking dinner or watching a movie).  Additionally; the blog has been getting some work done, but no actual writing.

We’ll see how things come out after I start working late nights in a few weeks.

Site News: New Landing Page / New Look

Hey There, I’m experimenting with a new look for “Local Blogger” and you’ll probably see things swap around here and there over the coming week as I try things out on the production server.  I believe there may be an issue with the display of some of the graphics in place on IE, I will address those over the next few days as time permits.

While this has been going on, my posts have dropped off, which makes things kind of empty, so thanks for coming by, I hope to be back on my normal posting schedule in the next couple of days.

Wholly TrueType Fontage!

This post is mostly being created to test the new dynamically created “lookalike” handwriting function that I’ve put into production here on the front page. I’m planning to go ahead and make this pull a ready-made png file from the hard drive rather than make it on the fly from here on, but…for now it creates this box on the fly.

I think I may have to make a “text only” version of this available as a link at the bottom of the page, but not yet.


I’ve made the change, the front page now loads the text as a static png file, instead of a dynamic file… ain’t technology grand?

now you can click on the button below to view this as text…. so if I post a URL you ar enot without access, Now, I’ll have to get busy on the rest of the colors and sections….

Kool Eh?

Lack of Writers forces Webmaster to Speak

After a long, long long delay in posting my next daring missive I’ve returned to put down my latest words on digital paper. As some of you may or may not know the Real World does exist and is not a fairy tale created by llamas who want to stop playing CounterStrike.

Sadly the real world (and not just the one one MTV) has rules, and one of those is that the ethereal world that is the Internet is fueled not just by fark and slashdot, but by money too. So, I, the webmaster, need to focus on my job as well as my website. Sad isn’t it?

And so I present, the Top Ten Reasons why webmasters neglect their Websites:

10. Pure Laziness, too busy stuffing our mouths with Mountain Dew and Cheetos!

9. Three Words, Never Winter Nights (I know it is normally two words)

8. Beer, and its buddy Liquor.

7. See number 8 and Repeat.

6. Locked up in a Tape Closet.

5. Stupid IE 6 Security Patches!!!

4. The Terrorists stole my keyboard. Or was it Swiper the Fox?

3. Innumerable showings of Star Wars Episode 2 or Spiderman, pick your poison.

2. That last peice of news about Natalie Portman, you know the one.

1. Grand Theft Auto 3.