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Dear Canada

I know you somehow become blindly enamored by the Harper Conservatives, with their eyes cast up and southward, but you may have a second chance to right what went wrong in the recent election.

Think back, for a bit, to when the Gomery inquiry wasn’t all over the headlines and you didn’t have just one reason to punish the dirty politicians for being dirty politicians.  The Liberals stewarded an unprecedented economic period in Canadian history, with eyes towards balanced budgets and zero deficits, where you had jobs and were reasonably well cared for by a federal government less interested in running like a corporation with a church in its boardroom and more like a government with hands in its pockets.

When was the last time you looked at a staunch church-going CEO and thought of them as a warm, charitable person? That’s a  Tory.  One Half Cold Businessperson-out to gut the Government, one half authoritarian scold, looking to put a camera in your shower to make sure you’re not touching yourself or using unapproved oils for moisturizing, all while whistling past graveyards they fill with your kids.

This is a fairly inflammatory statement, but lets face it, reason doesn’t always work.

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