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With a war chest for spending that roughly equals that of the NDP and Liberals together, the Conservatives have been able to unveil a campaign plane that will be used to crisscross the country this week.

And this is the first step down the path of Canada’s political system becoming as corrupt and venal as the donkey show in the States

I do not read the newspapers anymore, because most of the facts in there are not factual

Wai Young – Tory Back Bencher after incorrectly asserting that CSIS knew in advance that the Air India Bombing in Canada was going to happen and were prevented from doing anything by red tape. This was not a factual fact. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/tory-mp-wai-young-backtracks-from-claim-csis-failed-to-warn-of-air-india-bombing-1.3152013

Conservatives: The only plan is to cut taxes

Compare this quote:

Federal revenues as a percentage of GDP are near the lowest levels in more than 50 years of records posted by the government. Mr. Oliver was asked if that means federal taxes are now as low as they can go.

“I think we could do more,” Mr. Oliver replied. He noted that Canada’s debt in relation to the economy is low by international standards and will shrink from about a third of GDP to one quarter by the end of the decade. Mr. Oliver did not comment on the potential impact of rising interest rates on federal finances.

H/t “the globe and mail

To this famous quote:

I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.

Grover Norquist

The only plan that Conservatives ever seem to come up with is “Cut Spending, Reduce Taxes” then let the rest sort itself out.  (I’m talking ‘fiscal‘ conservatives here) I place that in quotes as we can all accept that any number of the self-same people are fine with spending money on War and Spying on their own people.

But right after an expansion of Government and a pledge to go to war: another pledge by a Conservative to cut taxes.  How does this sound familiar?  Oh yes,  the year 2000.  George Bush Jr. took power, cut taxes and then plunged the USA into an economic downturn that was compounded by lax oversight of the economy (because these things will sort themselves out in the market, yes?)

So; Canada stands at the threshold, letting another Conservative government bankrupt the country while sending kids to die in the Middle East.  I don’t think the Liberals could do a worse job.


By fall 2015, voters’ minds will have turned to the economy, says columnist Andrew Coyne. If the Liberals or NDP want to take down the majority government, there’s a three things they’ll have to consider. Watch the video above to find out what they are.

So the Economy will be doing SO GOOD that people will see that the Tories are awesome or will the rising inflation and never-ending unemployment levels remind them that the Tories have been in charge for a decade and haven’t done shit for them?

There has not been a single inspection done of a workplace that employs temporary foreign workers – even though the Conservative government promised to do so last year when it overhauled the controversial program for the first time.

Typical #Tory tactict; claim there will be oversight, provide no oversight, then claim that there was no money for said oversight. Just like food safety

At a time of federal belt-tightening, the Conservative government’s return to World War II-era ranks and insignia will require new dress uniforms for Canadian soldiers and naval officers at a cost of $4.5 million.

Federal Tories – – willing to spend tax dollars on the purely symbolic and unnecessary but not on statscan or even helping the poor.