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New Stories / Essays

Over There; there

The Century Trees dominate the horizon near Gramercy, Montana.  A Tourist spot with a reclusive Religious group or something else?

Extra Short Story: Over There; there

Finished Stories or Poems

Bobo and the Omega Nugget

Bobo the Chimpanzee lived an easy life in the Private Zoo of a prep school at the edge of the city; when a golden touchstone fell from the sky and changed him forever, Bobo escaped from the school to learn more about the Human world and try to find a place in it.

Bobo and the Omega Nugget
Bobo and the Newspapers

Project Billy

Billy and Larry are about to finish the biggest re-write of the corporate website ever, if only Billy wasn’t plagued by miniature Popes and a drinking problem that simply won’t go away.  Can his friends do something to get him through the night, or will the Popes finally steal John Lennon’s soul from his brain?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Lights Out

Life in the high rise offices of Saint Paul Minnesota is never complicated, never exciting.  You come to work, you go home, you deal with your friends who live far away.  Some days though, some days just never go right.

Part One: Janice
Part Two: Frank James
Part Three: Mike Pendegrass
Part Four:  Janice and Frank
Part Five: Patrick and Jack
Part Six: Mike Pendegrass
Part Seven: Patrick
Part Eight: Janice
Lights Out: The Long Night
Part Nine: The New Morning

Where it Rains

A super-hero moves out west to find a place where he can work in peace.

Last Day for Ice Cream

An essay about the end of summer and the simple pleasures of the iced treats that come with the days between school end and school start.

The Growing Season

Warm puddles and cold futures are both far from the mind of a young girl faced with the loss of her favourite cartoon when her mother skips meals and cries to herself.

Last Conversation Ever

The last IM conversations of an IT worker in an uncertain world.