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Better than the Original?

What is your favorite cover song?
Question submitted by Ray.

Easy “Whiskey in the Jar – By Metallica”

While I love the Thin Lizzy recording (which I’m not sure is the original but c’est la vie), Metallica put such an awesome spin to it you just can’t help but get into it.

The close second (Blasphemy) “Faith” by The Boy Least likely to [do not miss the chance to listen to it loud].  This is a great cover for the Q Magazine goes to the 80s collection (and a B-Side I think) How often are you going to hear a song you can dance to that has banjos and a song you can sing along with? Inspired!  Faith reminds me of my last few years in grade school and my first years of High School.  These are mostly bitter memories, but there is some sweet there too. I was and still am a giant dork after all.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention “Behind Blue Eyes” by “Limp Bizkit”  I really love that cover.  Damn me.

Old Content is Old

I spent a few hours yesterday converting old VOX posts into WordPress Posts.  These posts were also propagated to my LJ and all over my social map.  Sorry guys.

Some of the old posts have images that work, some do not.  I’ll update them as needed with original flickr content.

I skipped over a bunch of content in favor of leaving it on LJ.  So don’t expect reposts of anything that came from me between June 2007 and June 2008.  I also left out a number of QOTD posts from vox as they didn’t really say anything about me.

In total, I added nearly 100 new posts to this blog and tagged a them all with “vox” (afaik) so if you are new to my blog(s) or just want to stalk me a bit more effectivley, go ahead and look through my archives.

Thanks for visiting!

Oh What a Goo Siam

So I tried to get all slick and use a plugin to import my VOX blog into this blog.

It imported dupes totaling about 800.  Nearly 800 extra entries. It nearly killed my server.  (Sorry guys)

I really need to set up a test server for this stuff.

Sorry about the downtime folks

Ghost Ride it

"Feel the Penance Stare"

I really should have shot this against a dark background… Oh Well!

NiteCat, NiteGirl and I hit the theater yesterday and watched “Ghost Rider”.  There was a line outside, leading us to worry that we would be late for the film and that we had greatly underestimated the drawing power of “Ghost Rider”

We were wrong on two counts.

1) We got in to the actual theater in time to see the end of the Spider man 3 trailer.
2) We greatly underestimated the drawing power of “Wild Hogs”.

I could not believe the stream of Nascar driven humanity that was waiting to see “Wild Hogs”, and openly celebrating it.


Anyway, Ghost Rider was great.  It meshed the Dan Ketch and Johnny Blaze Ghost Riders into one.  It was a good movie, lots of action and good special effects.  NiteCat LOVED it.

Nick Cage was great as Johnny Cage (giving him a chance to be Elvis on a Motorbike without singing)

The ONLY thing I hated was that Donal Logue was killed.  No love for the redhead scotsman?

Change the Channel

Who’s the most annoying person on TV?

It’s a toss-up between Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace.

They really have no place on CNN, and should move to Fox.
I had Two guys sign up for Vox just to comment on this, in reverse order “John Hampton”

ALL of you DUMMIES have GOT to get remote controls for your TVs so if someone as smart as Glenn Beck comes on and makes you think, you can go back to your vegetative, “let someone else handle the world’s problems” state of mind!! Smoke a little more weed. All you have to do is CHANGE the CHANNEL! No viewers? ratings go down! You following, or need I repeat …Ratings go down? Advertisers begin looking elsewhere to promote their product. Capische? Advertisers go down? BECK goes away…(way)…(way)…(ay)..(ay).. a…

and “Rick”

Just out of curiousity, why do they “really have no place on CNN”?

You guys are both, INCREDIBLE ASSHOLES!!! Yay!

You can pick up your prize over at the VA.  Have a good one, and thanks for making a big deal out of an offhand comment.  I’m glad you joined vox just to comment on my one sentence condemnation of the pointless and inflammatory Beck and Grace.

Maybe Vox will make some money off of you both, granted I imagine you are both some kind of sock puppets.  So, good on ya, either way.

Oh, I should also point out that I am incorrect, they have no point on “Headline News”; which should stick to it’s “news every 60 minutes” format and just dump the “Shows” altogether.  I like the snippets format they use in the morning and lets me get the minimal dose of national and international news that I like before I see the ‘net.

Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace are “personalities” who belong on a personality-driven news channel.  “HEADLINE NEWS” used to be a news driven channel, now it is personality driven, in the evening.

I only know those two by name because I can’t avoid their non-stop commercials.

Fascinating Class

What is the most interesting class you have ever taken?
Submitted by Melissa.

Creative Writing, it was a grade 12 class, but I took it in my last semester of school, as I already had enough credits and couldn’t find a decent job.  I took one class for that semester, it was GREAT!

I got to work in the media lab, and work with chroma key equipment (which we didn’t know we had until I found it) edit videos and generally geek out.

I also sat next to a Spanish Exchange Student named Carla Bonino; she was cute and didn’t have any hangups about hanging with geeks.  My friend Tim and I used to have gross offs, where we would write horrible prose and ask for them to be read in class.  I met Karla J in that class too, my first avowed lesbian friend (that was open and honest about it)  she used to shoot the craw with us and turned me on to some good music.
The only problem with the class was sharing it with this French kid named Marc (I really don’t remember his name, so I’m guessing) he was a total attention whore; who was obsessed with Guns N Roses about 5 years past their due date.

I love History, I loved sociology, but that was my favorite class, ever.

Sopranos Finale * Spoilers *

So, yeah.  It’s over.
85 episodes, some good, some bad, some great.

I was hooked by Tony Soprano way back when, and now I’m just left wondering.
The Sopranos ended for me, like it began, in the middle of something.  I caught something with Christopher in some early episode, and got hooked on it.  Tony swaggered into Dr. Melfi’s office and I didn’t stop watching.  The Drama surrounding Tony’s Mother reminded me about the troubles my Family had with my Gret-Grandmother as senile-dimentia took over her mind.  AJs constant struggle for approval in Tony’s eyes, and their strained relationship reminded me how hard it has been in the past to connect with my own Dad, which I think we’ve done.

I watched the Sopranos because they were a family, a family with Drama beyond my own, but a microcosm of all the Drama around me, sometimes exaggerated, sometime eerily close to the bone.

There was fraternity and honor.  Something we all respect, in proper context.

There was loyalty and laughter, which we all could use.

Then there was the crime.

We all indulge in little crimes, sometimes without meaning to.    When we see Tony reap the rewards of large and (sometimes) bloodless crime, especially against a larger institution, we got a thrill.

Now it’s over.

And all we are left with is a long cut to black.

Perhaps that was for the best.

EDIT: A more succinct statement on the ending

Garage Sale Post-Script

Hippies Suck.
Rain Sucks.
The DVD Store ripped us off
The Book Store Loves my Graphic Novels
I am still about 200 dollars short.

That is all.

Yep, rain. As predicted.

I nearly called off even going out there (I wish I did, as it would have saved us a ton of effort moving all that crap around)

It started raining before we went out, I asked them to move the damn sale into the gym.  Everyone’s stuff got wet.

I sold all the DVDs and Books, and m,ade around 300 bucks for it. I should have made 500, but I couldn’t get a fair price for my dvds.

Jen and I fought a bit over her driving, but I think I was just frustrated and lashing out.

Oh well.

Birthday Party at Splash

We took NiteCat to her classmates birthday party out in Springfield today. It was at splash, a water park type deal. Thankfully they let me wear a shirt into the pool, no one needs to see my fish-belly gut.

We also attempted to surmount spencers butte again, we got about a mile up this time, I really want to get to the summit before I leave the states.

Up and Down Again

NiteCat, NiteGirl and I went up Skinner’s Butte today.  No Mean feat.  Well, not really, it’s a short walk but NiteGirl and I are pretty out of shape, so it was good exercise either way.  This was yet another excuse to take pictures and generally gawk at Eugene as we will be leaving ever so soon.

I reward your patience with a picture:

Water can be Goopy
Water can be Goopy

This was taken at the water fountain at the top of the Butte, where the water is apparently the only chlorinated water in the whole city.   It tasted awful, but it takes a nice picture nonetheless.

Additionally, here is a nice picture from Alton Baker park, taken the day before:


Taken amongst a crowd of goslings,  awwww.

Anyway, if you are interested here’s the skinny on my Car “The Batmobile”  (Which is nicer than the Fatmobile)

NiteGirl, NiteCat and I were leaving the theater after the ignominious “Third Movie” when we realized that the car felt a bit odd on the passenger side.  Looking at the wheel, we confirmed that it was a little low on air and we proceeded to fill it up, at which point I noted that the metal from the inside of the tire was coming through; but on the INNER edge of the tire quell surprise.

So, off to Firestone we go.  Look, I’m aware of the issues they have had in the past, so I make the same assumption there that I make at Jack in the Box; due to their past bad press they HAD to clean up their act.  Also, they were close and I have done business with them in the past.

After their initial inspection they also found that the passenger-front ball-joint and Driver-Rear wheel cylinder needed work.  I assented to the work and they proceeded to perform these and OTHER repairs *for free* on top of the aforementioned tire replacements (4) and wheel alignments (lacking a lifetime guarantee, but I may never see another Firestone) and for good measure an oil change with the extra fancy high-mileage stuff.

I’m going to  be scrambling to pay the Credit Card bill that comes along with this, but I can’t argue with the results.  I was planning on getting this work done before the big move anyway, the power steering needs work and it needs a tune up; but an annoying squeak that I have been hearing for about two years is now gone and I feel more confident in the wheels (as they used to feel a bit, um, loose).

So there it is, the skinny on the Bat mobile.  We also had a nice lunch at Red Robin, who still make crappy fries.