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Category: Site News

Site upgrades: SSL

I’m in the midst of moving the site over to SSL/HTTPS for administration purposes at least.  Which means changing my backend security and so on; which proved to be a bear where graphics where relative rather than direct links.  Ah well.  It’s working now.  The Upgrade is working too!  I have a valid SSL cert (I think) and it appears to be working.

Doing a bit of cleaning up on the blog

After a bit of blog drama this weekend I think I’m gonna find some blog religion and take down posts that slam individuals, especially in light of the seo work that keeps a post about me up there in the results to this day.  So, if you find a post up here that directly offends you (and mentions you by name) please go ahead and comment on this post with a link to the offending post and I’ll pull it on down.  Thanks!

Hotlink protection added

I’ve had a couple of bandwidth losing moments this week; and rather than worry about it I’ve moved to prevent hotlinking of images from from my blog.  The only sites that are allowed to hotlink images from here are  my other blog, the rest of the world will see an anti-hotlinking image in place of the image they have hotlinked.

Oh well.  It’s not friendly but I’d rather have more control as to where the images I host locally are presented.

It is a rare day where I get to pass along the good vibes

Looking through my Spam Filter I found this comment:

Hi there!
My first post at this great blog!
I wanna show u my dayly updated blog: Black Amateur $$@@ Video
Have a nice day!

P.S. if you don’t want to see this message please write me to with subject “NO ADS” and URL of your forum
Thank you for cooperation!

Take that 1950s America!

No, Thank You for providing an email address that can be harvested and spammed by other criminal scum like yourself!

Truthfully, I don’t care about spammers; but this was a brazen extorsion attempt mixed with a a “how stupid are you” test.   Enjoy your spam, Sirs.

Site News: New Landing Page / New Look

Hey There, I’m experimenting with a new look for “Local Blogger” and you’ll probably see things swap around here and there over the coming week as I try things out on the production server.  I believe there may be an issue with the display of some of the graphics in place on IE, I will address those over the next few days as time permits.

While this has been going on, my posts have dropped off, which makes things kind of empty, so thanks for coming by, I hope to be back on my normal posting schedule in the next couple of days.

Old Content is Old

I spent a few hours yesterday converting old VOX posts into WordPress Posts.  These posts were also propagated to my LJ and all over my social map.  Sorry guys.

Some of the old posts have images that work, some do not.  I’ll update them as needed with original flickr content.

I skipped over a bunch of content in favor of leaving it on LJ.  So don’t expect reposts of anything that came from me between June 2007 and June 2008.  I also left out a number of QOTD posts from vox as they didn’t really say anything about me.

In total, I added nearly 100 new posts to this blog and tagged a them all with “vox” (afaik) so if you are new to my blog(s) or just want to stalk me a bit more effectivley, go ahead and look through my archives.

Thanks for visiting!

Oh What a Goo Siam

So I tried to get all slick and use a plugin to import my VOX blog into this blog.

It imported dupes totaling about 800.  Nearly 800 extra entries. It nearly killed my server.  (Sorry guys)

I really need to set up a test server for this stuff.

Sorry about the downtime folks

Layout Redesign and Webcam

I’m going to harmonize the main web page design and the blog sometime in the near future, bring this in line with the “solid-state” feel of the main website. The site itself is just a series of scripts and css so it’s fairly portable and easy to adapt to wordpress (the blog feed on the main site is already wordpress based as it is)

There is entirely too much country on this live365 radio station that I am listening to…but the rest is fine