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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-01

  • Back from gym, tried some interval training, crazy sweaty. #
  • Play Left4Dead for free for the next 24 hours and lef4dead is 40% of right now. I wish I was at home right now so that I could play it. #
  • I’m not kidding, play Left4Dead for free #
  • #tcot #teaparty Typical Liberal Garbage: #
  • Tested Ajax for server monitor page, not effective for my needs… #
  • Looking forward to Wolverine and Star Trek (are they both this weekend)? #
  • Just Wolverine (and Free Comics) #
  • Oh, It’s like a Car Crash, you’ll debate clicking then you’ll click it; then be horrified #
  • From Mefi: “Every Sweet 16 ever” #
  • This is a bit late; but to all you people who were telling me to watch the “new BSG” TTTHHHHHHHBBBBBTTTT, it was crap, admit it. #

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