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Husband and Wife talk while she’s in the tub

Kelly: You can’t read those comments. No one bothers leaving nice comments on a story or news piece. DO NOT READ THEM.
James: I just get mad when they make shit up, that bitch said you pandered to Ebert by writing that rehab blog *for* him. You wrote that blog in 2001. Why are people so lame? People who leave comments on those things have no one to talk to… is that it? If they did, they’d talk about the article with someone rather than sit there alone and rant about a stranger. I can’t even imagine being bothered enough to write anything after I read a news story. Idiots.
Kelly: Chill out. If that person knew that I wrote that 10 years ago they’d have nothing to say, so their opinion isn’t worth reading, right? People are mad that Ebert liked me, let them be mad. I had nothing to do with it. Besides, I’m sure that was one of the least offensive things I was accused of in those comments.
James: Oh, —–‘s Mom called and said that —– isn’t going to sleep over at Sal’s party. She’s going to pick her up at 9. She wants you to call her.
Kelly: Oh shit, I forgot I was supposed to meet her after school sometime.
James: Why isn’t she sleeping over?
Kelly: Sal told me that —– told her that it’s because her Mom doesn’t know us and is worried we are drinkers.
James: What the fuck?
Kelly: James, she’s just trying to be a good Mom. Pass me the phone, I’ll call her back.
Kelly: Oh, what do I tell her?
James: Tell her that we start drinking at 3, so she should pick her up earlier.

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