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The house, the yard and stuff

Yesterday was one of those “get things in shape” days.

In short order Jen, Elizabeth and I

  1. Removed half of the boxes from the master bedroom that had been “hanging on” opening up another 15% of the floor space in there and making it look cleaner.
  2. Hung some pictures and set the stage for more to go up in the living room area at the front of the house
  3. Cleaned out the storm drains at the end of the yard
  4. Cleaned up the damn pine cones all over the yard
  5. Spiked a bunch of weeds
  6. Coiled the old holey Garden hose for tossing out… might take it back and bury it in the garden instead as an under-ground watering system… bears more thought really.
  7. Finally packed away the dining room table.  We don’t eat at it and we have a nice breakfast counter to eat at anyway.  This opened up a ton of space in the livingroom/kitchen area too.

In terms of stuff to do I checked out Kijiji and Craigslist and found a bunch of lawn mowers for sale.  I’ll have to check on them but we should be able to get a simple gas powered one for under 60 bucks as opposed for 90 bucks for an electrical one.  Our grass is too long for an underpowered one…..

We have crab grass where I laid the new seed.  Was the new seed full of crab grass?  Hmmm.

The new seed didn’t really take universally so we still have a kind of patchy lawn.  The back yard has really become this lush jungle of weeds though.  We need a weed whacker.

I need to repair at least one plug and then get an electrician in to fix the spare bathroom’s lights and power.

Paint needs touching up in places, but I bet a nice rub with a cloth will fix some of them instead.

Still no oven, coming up with 300 bucks for a repair seems less likely as the months come on.

Some outstanding bills to deal with too.

Perhaps it is time to sell off the comic collection if only to get some of this stuff done.

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