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The Media Owners vs The Public & The Internet

Media companies: We have 1 million people downloading our content
Lawyers: We should sue through a front company
Media companies: Yeah that will learn em!
Public: I wish I could download stuff without having to search for torrents, half of them are broken.
Media companies: Ha ha
Public: iTunes? Awesome
Apple: Only good for Apple users.
Public: DRM? WTF!
Apple Well ok but you have to pay more plus we will increase the bit rate if you do
Public: Yay! (iTunes dominates sales)
Media companies: OMG iTunes has taken over, our LP sales have plummeted!
Media companies: This internet thing, I just don’t understand it, how can we control it
Public: You can’t, we won’t let you!
Lawyers: Sue more! That’ll learn em’.
Media companies: YAY!
Public: Alternatives to iTunes? sigh…
Media companies: Not going to happen, we are charging apple millions a day for people just to view stuff, how can the little man expect to come up with so much money. We have to cover our advertising costs somehow!
Public: But iTunes is advertising for you and so are bloggers and fan sites etc
Media companies: Bloggers, fan sites? How dare they!
Lawyers: Sue more! That’ll learn em’.
Public: sigh
Public: TPB then….
Media companies: We are losing control!!!
Lawyers: Sue more! That’ll learn em’.

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