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Good for them!


Same-Sex Marriage Celebration of the Day: As promised, Avenue Q puppets Rick and Rod celebrated the first day of same-sex marriages in the state of New York by tying the knot outside City Hall in NYC.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who was the major driving force behind the Empire State’s legalization of same-sex marriage, proclaimed today a Day to Commemorate Marriage Equality.

In New York City, hundreds of couples lined up to be a part of history; for many, today marked an end to decades of anticipation. “It’s an indescribable feeling,” said 76-year-old Phyllis Siegel, who waited 23 years to marry her partner, 84-year-old Connie Kopelov. “It was just so amazing,” says Siegal. “That’s the only word that can describe it.”

Below: Niagara Falls draped in a rainbow of lights in honor of New York’s first same-sex marriage.

[gothamist / nydn / lgbtqnation / @lancebass.]
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