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Heartbreaking Tearjerker


Heartbreaking Tearjerker of the Day: A 12-year-old girl from the east-Indian state of West Bengal took her own life last month in hopes that her organs could be used to help her ailing father and brother.

Mumpy Sarkar’s father Mridul was rapidly losing his vision and her older brother Monojit desperately needed a kidney transplant, so she decided to help her poor family receive the treatments they couldn’t afford by giving up her organs in death.

She drank from a bottle of Thiodan — a pesticide — after unsuccessfully trying to convince her sister Monica to join her cause. Mumpy then told her father she had “dreamt” of being forced to consume poison and was rushed to the hospital as her condition worsened. But it was too late.

Adding decidedly unneeded sorrow to this story, Mumpy’s suicide note was not discovered until a day after her body was cremated. “We were too late in understanding the feelings of a very sensitive child,” her father said.

In a single sliver of silver lining, a local state council representative who visited the family this week extended a promise of financial support for the treatment of the medical conditions Mumpy had hoped to cure.

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