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I think we are beanplating this. These folks aren’t tolerating anything. They aren’t even aware of it.

Look at it this way. 50% of people are below median thoughtfulness. You don’t have to be thoughtful, insightful, considerate, empathetic to be rich and powerful. You can be intelligent – cunning – without being particularly understanding.

These people are ambitious and craven. Colbert gets invited to these things because he is popular on television. “Haha! I got roasted by Colbert.” It feeds their egos.

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again: they are like dogs. There is no reasoning with them. They respect only power, status, and wealth. If you stamp on their faces with a muddy boot, they will only admire you for your power, and they will seek your friendship.

Xoebe –

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