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#1 The Manic Pixie Dream Girl (Tropes vs. Women) (by feministfrequency)

Is it bad that I have met the Manic Pixie Dream Girl? I mean really met them; more than one.  These aren’t cinematic creations; I won’t name them but I have met and been inspired by women who I would describe as this; they weren’t the trope… but they were like this.

Maybe the trope exists because there are people like this (I have met the male version too; but I don’t know what the right label is maybe Candy Raver Boy Child)?  I dunno.

Then there is the sign off on this; “Women don’t exist to ….” well sure; but the mopey man boys in the example movies don’t really exist either.  These are movies; which amplify and distort themes to make them something other than a rote representation of people.  This kinda treats movies like documentaries which are something else entirely.

Hrm.  I can see her point; but I don’t agree with this.  In “women’s” movies men are portrayed as thuggish sex obsessed morons who exist as life support for a penis and violence engines that women can overcome, escape or destroy.  

So; yeah.  Movies are fiction and it’s time to stop talking about them as if they are anything more than entertainment.

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