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My Horrible Adventure that ended up costing me 200 dollars more than I wanted to spend

For some reason no one can hear the knocks on the door from the London Hydro People who leave those little slips saying that they missed us.

So for tears at my current home we’ve been calling in our water meter readings.

At least I thought we were.

Turns out the last meter reading London Hydro “got” from me was in NOVEMBER and they have been estimating my water usage all this time and (in the words of Robert the Supervisor “slowly increasing my bills to encourage me to call in” because in their experience “people call in when their bills are rising”. I was just using less water (according to the new water meter I got put in because my water bills kept on rising anyway we used 10 meters cubed in August (7 of which are on there anyway, so we could have used as little as 3, which is nice) but then we come back to my adventure.

The Bill this month showed 83 meters cubed of usage in 5 days. with 10 more for the rest of the month. I was billed for this because (in Roberts words again) “They had not had an accurate reading since November and that discrepency in usage had to be accounted for”

So; in future I’m going to have to keep track of each month’s usage myself, just in case and so are you. I strongly suggest you check every month (if you are submitting manually) to ensure that London Hydro doesn’t silently raise your bill each month to encourage you to call them; instead of, you know sending you a letter asking why you haven’t submitted a meter reading since last year or something.

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