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If you look a bit into the future, just a step or two beyond smart guns, you will find a whole host of non-lethal defensive weapons that are far superior in defense than their gunpowder based counterparts. Will the NRA and gun manufacturers be able to change quickly enough to adapt to a world where the idea of personal defense evolves beyond gunfights at high noon or beyond the necessity of taking someone else’s life? The fact is the NRA and its members do not like the idea of public access to the growing field of nonlethal defense weapons. In fact, they are scared to death of what’s coming because the changes may render them obsolete. You could compare this to the old floppy disks we used to use in our computers and how absurd it would have been for anyone to suggest we should not advance to DVDs. Though the idea of propelling pieces of metal down a barrel at high villosities into flesh and vital organs may appeal to the dark and twisted appetites of some, it will become increasingly difficult for them to justify their love of traditional guns without revealing the sick and twisted part of their psyche that lusts for blood. 75 adults and 8 children lose their lives to guns every day in America: ****

Patrick James Kelly

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