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“One of the main reasons I came down here was to find workers,” Mr. Guimond says. “A lot of that has to do with Alberta, with young people in New Brunswick moving out West where the better money is, and so there is a dwindling population.

“But then when you can also get $400 a week back home for doing nothing, why would you go to work for me for an extra hundred bucks? That’s the mentality back home. And it is a shame. But that is what it is. There are some really great workers there, but the unemployment rate during winter — it’s got to be north of 20%.”

Mr. Guimond got $1.4 Million in Corporate Welfare from the state of Maine to move his business there. He only paid minimum wage in NB not $12 and the only reason he can do this is because he is using US taxpayers money.
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