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The same cuts to services are ongoing everywhere that “austerity” is holding sway, which I mean to say, everywhere neoliberal or conservative politicians are out there saying they are gonna cut taxes by God.

Just like deregulation, these things are memes that infect governments, “do more with less” “more efficiencies” “like a business” never really understanding that Government is not a business and as such doesn’t need to do things like turn a profit. The “profit” of Good Government is Good Governance, not saving a few dollars.

People as a whole, and by people I mean the voting public as a body, don’t seem to understand this. They vote for “Me” and “Mine” and as such only the candidates who serve the voters own goals or wants get voted in. A truly public minded egalitarian candidate and party couldn’t be voted in, there would always be some idea that someone, somewhere else was getting something that someone, somewhere else didn’t believe they deserve and we can have that; can we?

Then people suffer and those same self-serving, venal, navel gazing idiots blame the government that they helped make, they abetted by demanding things be run ever more cheaply and save themselves so little taxes, then they demand more “efficient government” which as I’ve said before always seems to translate into shoddier and more slapdash efforts than before.

In the minds of this selfish voter, this is evidence that Government has failed.

As it’s Government’s fault when the Government is made up of people who don’t believe in real Governance, of course.

We’re just individuals, but together we can really destroy a place. Can’t we?

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