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Like a lot of people on the planet, Alex Jones is very concerned about the possible outbreak of WWIII. The difference between Jones and the others, though, is that Jones loves to guess when and how WWIII will start – and needless to say, he gets it wrong every time.

On his August 10, 2006 broadcast Jones said a false-flag attack on the U.S. could trigger WWIII (the U.S. would attack Syria or Iran).

In 2008, frequent guest Bob Chapman said WWIII would start soon. It would be initiated by the U.S., in a vain effort to save its economy.

In the wake of the Mumbai attacks, Jones declared that this was an Anglo-American effort to trigger WWIII (India would go to war with Pakistan).

In 2008, an Infowars article suggested that a Tom Clancy videogame could be a warning about WWIII.

Also in 2008, frequent guest Lindsey Williams said WWIII will begin in 2012.

Last May, Jones said an attack on Iran would spark WWIII.

Last August, guest Hamid Gul warned that the War on Terror could trigger WWIII.

In February, Jones and radio host George Noory agreed that U.S. actions against Egypt could start WWIII.

In March, Jones speculated that actions against Libya’s Gaddafi would start WWIII. Also in March, an Infowars article stated that Western nations are gearing up for WWIII. Contrary to what Jones and Williams et. al. have said, writer Tony Cartalucci believes Russia and China are ill-prepared for the outbreak of war.

After bin Laden was reported dead, Jones declared that this was a wholly Western effort to trigger WWIII (the U.S. will invade Pakistan and China will defend Pakistan, or Israel will start WWIII with false-flag attacks). Frequent guests Webster Tarpley and Lindsey Williams concur.

Alex Jones and his umm affiliates make frequent incorrect predictions in hopes one sticks (this is from 2011) –

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