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* Somalia : Homosexuality illegal, punished by imprisonment

* Sudan : Homosexuality is illegal, punished by imprisonment

* South Sudan : Homosexuality is illegal, punished by 10 years imprisonment

* Chad : Passed a law last year calling for the repression of Homosexuality for the protection of the family

* Yemen : Homosexuality Illegal (based on Shari’a law). Punishment ranges from flogging to death,

* Afghanistan : Homosexuality is punishable by death

* Zimbabwe : Homosexuality is illegal and actively persecuted by the government.

* Iraq : Was recently decriminalized, but the culture carries out honor killings against Homosexuals regularly

* Pakistan : Homosexuality is illegal

* Guinea : Homosexuality is illegal and punished with 5-10 years

* Nigeria : Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by 14 years in prison

Every civilization that accepted homosexuality failed – Except for all of the ones that thrived, let’s look at glorious societies that have outlawed being gay!
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