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“Welcome to America, or GTF out.”
“She needs to get her butt back to the 7 Eleven.”
“Give her a parachute then drop her over Afghanistan. To give her a taste of life outside of the US where she can have the type of "freedom” she seems to desire. I’m willing to bet that no one forced her to do anything religious in jail. From the description of her crimes, she seems to be a violent, uncontrollable scourge who is bent on retaliation. This civilization does not need her.“

"How about someone in authority with lots of b….s send these ……… muslims back to their allah. They do nothing but cause trouble in this country. Anybody realize that?”

“Treat her like a Muslim women, wrap her in towels, let her drive to her cousins’ house, rape her, convict her of being raped, stone her…….. Or better yet, fast forward her to the 12 th century and send her back to the Motherland.”

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love…

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