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As a Celtic fan I honestly couldn’t care less what that other lot sing, they bring shame on themselves and that’s fine by me. There are also elements in our own support who could do with a good toe up the arse if we are to be honest but thankfully they seem to be dying out. One thing I’d like to say though is that it seems that sevco fans or a significant number of them seem to think there has been some conspiracy to bring them down, strange coming from a club who has always been pro-establishment and therein lies the problem, having realized that even the establishment has moved on from a Kiplingesque view of the Empire, sevco fans find themselves alone and entrenched, a pervasive siege like mentality surrounds ibrokes and manifests itself in uber unionism witness the military displays on the field in recent years and how the poppy has been hijacked as a symbol of loyalty to the crown. They are an anachronism in a post modern world.

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