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1) We have a small team so please be patient, but the 1st order of business is getting you back the original game! So, by Halloween (Nether’s 2 year anniversary BTW), we will have the MBER back end ripped out, the game rolled back to the build we launched out of early access in the summer of 2014 (when we were the developer for the game), and you will be able to play local single player. From now on, all you’ll need is your Steam account, MBER accounts will no longer work or be required.

2) As soon after that as we can manage, we will have player hosted servers enabled, so you can set up your own games and play MP again! We want you to be able to own your game, and deal with cheaters and hackers how you see fit. Or, go set up a cheat bot and hack haven server, whatever you want!

3) We’ll also be ripping out the concept of gold, IAP, and any traces of pay to win.

4) After that, we want to start adding in mod tools and expose server settings so you can make the game even MORE what you want – more/less players per server, more/less guns in the game, more/less Nether in the world, more/less PvP, on/off Tribe friendly fire…we’ll work with you to figure out what server configurations you want to mess with, that we can enable.

All this will mean a full restart, which may be annoying for those who have a lot of progress, but it is the best we can do, and we sincerely hope that this Nether Resurrected will be stronger and more powerful than ever before! We will update the community often on our progress and the state of the title. The game should go back to being purchasable around the time of our re-release. So, get ready to have your game back and enjoy Single Player by Halloween, and soon after that to host your own games!

Phosphor Games on Taking back Nether
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