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Ghostbusters WAS about something: CAPITALISM!

Go ahead and watch the video then come back for my rebuttal

So the conceit is that Ghostbusters isn’t about anything because in the end nothing is changed by the events of the movie; at least as far as the characters are concerned.  Kinda true, but the characters are more than just the four ‘Busters and the directly affected on screen named characters.

There is a character that Patrick omits.  NEW YORK!

New York and the world are irrevocably changed by the events of Ghostbusters which prove without a shadow of a doubt that small businesspersons, when not ferreted by overzealous bureaucrats can simultaneously imperil and save the world!

  1.  They get a loan based on Ray’s inheritence
  2. They turn that small loan into a small business
  3. They create innovative tools to catch beings that (as far as they knew at the start of the movie, didn’t exist and until they tested it, could not be caught)
  4. They come up with a means of long-term storage of said beings
  5. They make this profitable.
  6. A zealous government functionary interferes with said business
  7. It causes havoc in New York (and the world one would imagine)
  8. They are then the only people who are able to contain said havoc
  9. They save New York, a city that now knows without a doubt that there are ghosts all over it.
  10. Thus it’s a movie about Capitalism and the benefits of a focused team of professionals who had training at a public university


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