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Timothy Edgar, a former intelligence official in the Bush and Obama administrations, said that the rule concerning collection “about” a person targeted for surveillance rather than directed at that person had provoked significant internal discussion.

“There is an ambiguity in the law about what it means to ‘target’ someone,” Mr. Edgar, now a visiting professor at Brown, said. “You can never intentionally target someone inside the United States. Those are the words we were looking at. We were most concerned about making sure the procedures only target communications that have one party outside the United States.”


“Qualified Canadians, including new Canadians, should have first crack at available jobs,” Immigration Minister Chris Alexander — who made the announcement jointly with Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney — said in a statement Wednesday.

Catch that easy out?

Red Hot Chili Peppers play private backyard party for billionaire Lululemon founder Chip Wilson

if there was any question that the Red Hot Chili Peppers had totally sold out…

“We all know the way things are right now—budgets are tight,” Steve Westbrook, the executive director of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas, says. “It’s definitely a valuable asset to law enforcement, for purchasing equipment and getting things you normally wouldn’t be able to get to fight crime.” Many officers contend that their departments would collapse if the practice were too heavily regulated, and that a valuable public-safety measure would be lost.

Holy Crap; you mean cutting taxes and services doesn’t make things better? Who knew?

Re: Django Unchained

It didn’t pick up really until the second act. It was good; I dug it, but even in freedom I thought that Django had been infantilized and thus was not a “free man” until after the last firefight and even then, he was still very much an adolescent. This may have been intentional; I dunno.

Good Movie marred by what may have been intentional choices by the director.