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Category: Music

Do You Remember: Young MC

Do you remember Young MC?  How about this?

Okay, I’m sure you remember this:

And do you remember when Steven Segal had a great Soundtrack on one of his movies?

Pick up the Pace appeared on the “Marked for Death” Soundtrack; which may have been the first Soundtrack album I purchased.  Maybe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


I think it’s kind of stupid, I think it’s a disgrace; instead of going slower they should be picking up the pace

My rotating Raggadeath post

It’s an ongoing obsession for me, Raggadeath.  They never made it big enough for me.  I bought an album, but I don’t think I ever seen them rise up high enough in the general audience; which is too bad:


Think NuMetal before NuMetal

Michie Mee, yeah?

Russel Brands Really is Outrageous!

Katy Perry (who’s Pop music I don’t hate and Media Persona I think is fun) is slimed during a Childrens Amusment Hour on American Television;

so while it wasn’t a fun sloppy present from her BF Russel Brand, one imagines it’s not far off.