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To Do: 2010

Instead of a rundown of 2009, let’s look towards getting things done in 2010.  2009 was a good year; I’ve been employed at something my High  School Career councilor said was my certain destiny.  Wait.  Is that Good?  I’m meeting expectations.  Does that make me a B student?

I spoke to a conference on Anti-Spam technologies in DC for my last employer;  I held a medium sized room in rapt silence and mirth for an hour or so while I extolled the virtues of my employers product.  Why doesn’t that translate into never ending bliss?  I should exceed expectations somehow.  The Scotty Trick doesn’t work around here.

(The Scotty Trick is to under-promise and over-deliver)

Elizabeth has been my biggest challenge this year; I expected it but I wasn’t ready for how much of a challenge she would present.  I expect a rocky decade to come.

Jen continues to be obsessed with flirting online with people; playing a Gorean slave-girl  The only thing that takes her out of it is to gather her up leave the house.  I don’t want to leave the house every time I want her attention; I want it for just talking some days too.

I’ve gotta get more on top of my job; I’m still not the expert I have been in other capacities; I need to work on my delivery too (still).  Sometimes when I’m being negative it’s just me working things out loud and not me being negative.  I need to find a way to do that in a positive way.

Do I have to do anything more for the House?  I have no idea.

I need to send my written notice out.   Soon.