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A Nice Picnic in Spring

Woodcuts from the colonial era are being turned up every day with disturbing and indescribable scenes in them. Pictures of Inhuman Creatures taking paring in every day life, with no explanation or even an oral history to suggest why.

These latest woodcuts were found in a box marked “A Nice Picnic in Spring” with no artifacts or even a date to tell us anything about them. The Box itself was stored in an airless room that somehow maintained an ideal micro-climate. It may has well have been sealed up last week.

This image shows human-like shapes surrounding a table and sharing a meal, perhaps? The central figure resembles a Century Flower, which has a scent like rotting flesh. Perhaps the beings are observing it or collecting it? It resembles a Picnic, much as the box is labelled.

Again, the Picnic Motif is strong, and the tree is again on the right of the image. Some local investigators have tried to place the tree or the clearing that is being depicted but these images are so old some whole forests have changed multiple times.

Again, another image with a tall object bound to the right of the image, but otherwise nothing we can discern as to who or what is being depicted.

This collection was found in a sealed room in a former schoolhouse in New England, USA. It did appear on older plans, but had been erased when a renovation closed over the hallway that led to the room.

Old Posts and Stolen Art


I’m not big on the DMCA and copyright claims in general; but I don’t like people making money off of me or my work without saying “Thanks to Kevin, here it is” unless of course I sign something that says they don’t have to attibute me for the work.  Students for Bhopal and the rest of you, you didn’t ask for permission to use “Dead Peasant Insurance” and I want credit for my work!

Inspiration: Where do you Get it?

Well Shut MAh Mouth
Where do you find inspiration?

I find it all over the place, sometimes in the Street. Sometimes at Church.

Sometimes it’s in the book I’m reading.

Sometimes I’m hit with it when I’m just idling at a stop light.

Sometimes, like last night; I’m hit with it by the cruel randomness of the world; I composed a short one-person show about the nature of “God’s Wrath against Natives and the French”

Then there were Tornadoes in West Virginia.

That God guy hates people, I tell ya.

So I was inspired to create the image that accompanies this post by an article on cursing. Which amuses me (cursing, not the image)

While some may think that I am somewhat loose-tongued I think that I restrain myself a great deal more than is necessary. Which I think might say more about the strange thoughts that swirl in my skull and less about the people who (probably rightly) sigh when my mouth opens and I have “that look in my eye.”

In another life I am a Comic, A Priest, A Poet, A Writer and possibly a Prophet.

Here I am only a Prophet.

I predict Rain.