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I am the Red Hulk

Okay, I admit it; I am the Red Hulk!
I have been the Red Hulk for only a short while though! I’m still getting used to the Transformations and Red Eyes thing; when I get some Gamma Strength Visene I should be fine!

Have you been following the new Hulk Story? First he was “The Worldbreaker” then “The Warbound” now there is a new Hulk (who is apparently evil and angry) rolling around killing off Hulk’s enemies (and making Rick Jones into A-Bomb (a new Abomination).

The Red Hulk reads like an Evil Mr. Fixit or “All together Hulk” from the Pantheon story lines.

World War Hulk was a fair capper to the Civil War story that was “kind of Excellent” and “kind of Pointless”. But since Marvel hasn’t already retconned said “it was all a dream, lol” the whole thing yet; I think we can assume that at some point in the near future we will find out that Iron Man/Captain America was a Skrull the whole time and that we’re close to a big reveal.

At least it was more satisfying than the end of “Final Crisis” what a hullabaloo to kill off a bunch of Off-Earth second-string Characters. Even Darkseid was kind of a “far off menace” monster.

So, yeah, Red Hulk. IYAMREDHULK!

no I’m not, seriously