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No Contracters please, we're nebbish

If you don’t get the reference in the title you might not be a nerd. Good for you!

I’m hitting CRLF a bit more in between paragraphs and thoughts because I can’t stand what scribefire does with the line spacing. It’s annoying to me and I should resolve it instead of working around it. Oh Well.

So it’s 3:56 PM and the Contractors that were supposed to show up and fix the floors have yet to show. Oh well. Another month of soggy floors I guess. Did I mention the numerous issues with this place and how much I don’t care about them as I like it so much? Well I care about them so much now that they consume many a conversation like so much peanut butter and chocolate in the Reeses’ Factory.

I’d catalog them all here inline but why? Come on over and see my holey ceilings and dangerous stairs. My non-functional plugs and leaky everything. Never mind the damp smell and dangerous molds that are no doubt hiding in every crack.

If this non-addressing keeps up, maybe I can declare medical disability when I fall prey to the mold!