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There is no Lubrication Required

No Lube Required

I’ll suggest that you look at this picture in full then wonder what possessed this lady to stand on the Train side of the Train Barrier, placed there to keep skin from train.  Also, note that the train car in the background requires no lubrication, like and expensive and high-quality condom.

I ventured deep into Malkin-Land for this

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So, what can you learn from this?

  1. Only 10,794 people voted on a poll from a pundit that gets exposure on fox.
  2. Only 1,247 (12%) of her readers are b-tards of any stripe
  3. Only 1,436 (13%) are sensible people.
  4. 16% are pessimists.
  5. A full 59% of the sample are full on, in the tank (what a dumb expression) assholes.

These are the same people who refer to diplomacy as “weak”

They are the same people who refer to nuance as no-ancy.

They say nookular.

And they vote.