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Tag: delirium of the endless

Have the castings started yet for the new Sandman season? (Just curious,not trying to pull a Mason)


Not yet. We only got officially properly confirmed this week.

I am looking forward to casting Delirium, though.

(And as a reminder to everyone out there who wants to act, “I’m a lot like Delirium in real life” is not the hard-sell casting slam dunk many of you seem to think it is. If you’re going to be in Sandman you need to be an actor, you need to have credits, we need to know not only that you’re brilliant but that you’re also reliable, and that you know how to act for TV – can you do the same scene two dozen times, and still say the lines every time as if this is the first time you’ve ever said them? Can you be funny and break people’s hearts at the same time?)

For Real, I think Delirium should be full time a CGI Animated Character.