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My little Christo-Fascist says God is Angry with you

I’ve written about my daughter’s nascent fundamentalism before; it finally erupted into real problems for me over the past month.

It seems that a discussion about the Lenten Fast (Chocolate for Her if you must know) at a friend’s house led a major arguement and a dream in which God told my little girl that he was angry with the world.  I was not privvy to this dream or the argument until I received a call from the school (Catholic School no less) about my Daughter.

It seems she was cursing the kids to hell in the name of God.

And my wife wonders why I discourage religousness.  Sigh.

When speaking to the Principal I had to speak in code to avoid insulting my wife; placing the blame for the fundamentalist leanings in my daughter squarely on the shoulders of the Evilution-Denying shoulders of my wife and mother-in-law.  I’m game to discuss religion, but I always ensure that I frame it as a social coping mechanism.  It seems this nuance is lost on my little Christo-Fascist in training.

I apologized to the Principal and told him that I would speak to my Daughter about her behavior; we comiserated about Fundamentalism of that stripe and it’s corrosive effects and ended the call.  I then called my parents and asked them to NEVER discuss religion with my daughter again; as reinforcing it was causing trouble at school.

I’ve asked my wife to do the same with her family, but as I have said before “they’ve got the Jesus”…

Two More Years… Just Two more…