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Why Welfare is Good

It Benefits the country to keep the poor fed and clothed to keep them from falling further down the line and either dying or turning to violent crime.

Why is that a hard concept for you to understand? The lazy or the unwilling don’t look at what some people think is tough love and say “I’ll straighten up and go to DeVry and get a good paying job” they say “I’ll rob someone who can’t fight back” or “I’ll just give up”

It’s not a difficult sociological concept, Welfare (and the associated programs) may have it’s share of able bodied folks who could be working and are just gaming the system, but that’s the price we pay to avoid the creation of a massive underclass that would eat society from below.

It’s OUR society, not YOUR society, you may not like sharing the world with the poor and unmotivated, but they are still there and you can either keep them penned up in social housing and ensconced in the labyrinthine coils of the Bureaucracy or they can be on their own, hungry and motivated.

Welfare, it’s what keeps “The Poor” from becoming “The Hungry”


Third-party Flaming of a Stranger

i hope they pay their respects to Don Adams in the movie. I am just turned 25 years old and I AM AN INTOLERABLE NERD

–Bold and Caps added by me

Jesus, who worries about the treatment of Don Adams in the new “Get Smart” except for serious nerds?  Didn’t years of Inspector Gadget dull any glow people had for Don Adams?